How to make it in your blogging carer 

If blogging were to set-up a blog, buy Adsense, copy and paste and do backlinks. Do you think there will be vacant for you?

If blogging were to set-up a blog, spine article, trick and get Adsense, engage on SEO, and have thousands of traffics and earnings. Do you think one person won't have 10k blogs that will be spinning the articles?

If you trick for 50% and add 50% efforts, definitely you have balanced the scale for the marathon. But if you trick for 90% and add 10% efforts. The 10% effort will not be enough to sustain you for the long run, thereby, shortcut leads to short life!

Those that asked me to review their blogs here are the outcomes. I will make it public so that others will learn.

Keywords: Most bloggers here write based on research for keywords. I'm not saying isn’t good practice but don’t allow it to mess up your site. Some blogs I reviewed were trying to write based on keywords and ended up on keyword stuffing (Keyword stuffing is a search engine optimization technique, considered webspam or spamdexing, in which keywords are loaded into a web page's meta tags, visible content, or backlink anchor text in an attempt to gain an unfair rank advantage in search engines), according Wikipedia. Not only on keyword stuffing, but their blog won't have related contents, for example, you will see [how to check jamb result, how Buhari travels to London, here is how to get Adsense, how to get organic traffic, how Regina Daniel get married, how to get bitcoin, etc). All these parenthesis attract google penalties.

Title: Most of the sites I viewed start their post title with “HOW TO”, 90% of their post titles are ‘how to’,  you are already on title stuffing payroll on google. Better start your title with Positive or Negative words or Power words.

Spinner: If you are the type that spine article, endeavor to reread the article three-time and crosscheck the words. A site spined an article written on WORLD GUINNESS BOOK OF RECORD but the spinner change it to WORLD GUINNESS E-BOOK OF AWARD. One would wonder what you are writing on!

Site navigation: Even Adsense also recommend that site navigation increases visitors activities on your blog and allow them to view or search your contents easily. Don’t imitate giant websites, they have made it even without organic traffics. Using their theme, template and setup might not go well with you. If you trace back those sites, you will find out they started with the simple theme before they advance.

Pop up ads: Nothing is so offensive like pop up ads, if you are aiming to engage your visitors please reduce pop up ads, mind you: because of offensive ads, people start to use Adblock.


SEO is being set up for a site to gain fair ranking over its competitors on a search engine, if your site doesn’t have competitors while stuffing your contents and messing up your blog.

In search engines, we have two categories of site based on keywords: Keyword producers and keyword consumers. If your site produces keyword, keep it up, produce more for others. If you are consumers, please consume well. Before you dive into consuming keywords please check the DA, PA, DATE and RANK NO. 1 and RANK NO. 10, that have consumed the keyword, if you are not among the team league, why consuming what will not yield anything.

DA of 7 write on a keyword that ranks well but he failed to understand that on SERP, the no. 10 rank on that keywords has DA of 60. All his hope, to rank well with backlinks… My dear, you are not the only person backlinking.

The reward of hard work is a blessing but I never know the reward for cheat and tricks!