In response to those that asked me how to get traffics in google search engine ranking page. That you ranked low on Google in some keywords is not a guarantee that you wouldn’t get thousands of traffics.

This post is intended not to discourage anyone from ranking up but to encourage beginners and domain with low ranks.

Working and depending on BACKLINKS is not the only best way to get traffics from the Google search page. In fact, there many ways to get traffics from google search page but most widely known method is SEO.

Two of my competitors depend on BACKLINKS, they hire SEO experts that always work on each of their posts but I don’t have the cash to challenge them, despite they are trying all their best to maintain the first position but I outsmart them with another method.

If we all, depending on SEO, the blog with an SEO expert will always win the race. My competitors rank 1-3 in each of their posts but I manage to rank 3rd and get highest visitors more than them.

I have four tricks that I always applied, I initially wanted to give one method but due to some certain scenario I will make it two.

First method: SHITTY PHRASE – Some bloggers might come across those wards but I applied those phrase on my title posts. In short, every post I apply the phrase always get thousands of visitors. It's hard for someone to avoid the eye catchy title. Here is an example of the post I smashed my competitors and they got weird.

1st competitor wrote his title: "How to make dollars in Canada" and is ranked NO. 1

2nd competitor wrote his title: "Methods to make more earnings in Canada" and is ranked NO. 2

I wrote my own title: "Smart strategies - How I earn dollars in Canada with $0.00" and I ranked NO. 3

I was surprised when I contacted them, I made over 12k visitors more than them despite that I rank 3rd on the keyword. Shitty phrases draw attention and make visitors believe that all they want will be there.

A friend of mine, applied the method on one South African some that reign during December time. He used the shitty phrase like “See the complete song and lyrics of M…. Download”, people were clicking his link on a search engine in other to see the complete song whereas he only has a track of the song.

Second method: AMP version, most of the site that ranks well on SERP hardly use AMP, due to the validation problem. Some sites removed their AMP version in order not to lose rank due to AMP validation error. As a beginner with a few posts, it is easier to correct the error and rank well on the mobile version. Good amp version with proper schema performs well on mobile search. Even Opera news feed made it clear that they only need your AMP version of your site.

The remaining methods are reserved for me… I never blow like a bazooka, I still sound like a Knockout. So, that I can get visitors among the competitors of my niche.