JOURNEY TO THE WORLD OF search engine optimization

SEO which really approach Search Engine Optimization is the act of optimizing your website shape and contents for search engine consumption. Mind you that Search Engine isn't always human being rather Artificial Intelligent.

I even have gotten a sequence of the file regarding SEO, Let me make it clear to different bloggers here:

I PAID FOR search engine optimization BUT I AM NOT SEEING TRAFFICS: My expensive fellow blogger, you paid for Search engine optimization (search engine optimizationnot traffics.

I PAID search engine marketing EXPERT BUT MY TRAFFICS REMAINED THE SAME: My pricey fellow blogger, you don’t pay search engine marketing expert as an alternative you hire him/her to work on every of your contents.

After my preceding post, I may want to be able to review nearly 19 blogs of in general WordPress. What I located turned into an eye sour. How should one be using fifty six plugins on a web site? Mostly of nulled plugins and nulled theme of both outdated model and looking forward to wonders from behind.

If you are the usage of nulled plugins and themes, at your personal risk! For those which can be the usage of Nulled Yoast, you are losing your time, simplest benefit on it, is vehicle redirection and most of 5 keywords. But the main Koko nonetheless with Yoast, you may verify from people who subscribed for a monthly or one-time payment.


SEO is labeled into two of On-page and Off-web page however I located that the ones terminologies confuse a few bloggers here. What it without a doubt method is external and internal optimization. External encompass oneway links etc.. at the same time as Internal include your website online shape and contents(POSTS).

In this post, I will give an explanation for Internal search engine optimization.

A) Theme: Not each subject matter is search engine optimization pleasantyou can choose according to your desire, not every body needs search engine marketing pleasantbut you should understand that, in case you selected your theme because of the color, it's going to most effective appease the eye but if pick out because it’s friendly and smooth to navigate, site visitors will flex your website online. For example, If you build your hotel on a wrong structure with a beautiful painting, humans will come to snap images and go, however if you construct it with excellent structure with low painting, humans will come and lodge, loosen up and navigate the whole place. Most people have made a mistake on our theme and be expecting miracles on organic traffics, thereby hoping on one-way links.

B) Plugins: I’m still thinking about what will make a blogger upload extra plugins, it's obvious he doesn’t recognize what they paintings for. The worst thing when you asked, he/she will be able to tell you… I'm no longer the one oh!! Na search engine marketing man adds all. Yet, he/she did no longer ask him what are the capabilities of those plugins. Among them, I tried to validate the schema output of the website online, I determined that his schema output is seventy seven times, I am still MUTE till now.

Some bloggers are using Yeost together with All in one search engine optimization plugin or different SEO plugins. Though Yoast specialists say once you upload every other search engine optimization plugins, it's going to automatically transfer off, but that isn't the truth, When you validate the structures, it'll show, i.E. search engine marketing plugins are feeding seek engine at a time.

On my web page, I'm using a maximum of 6 plugins, though it's now not relevant to anyone till now, I actually have not seen the motive for the usage of Cache plugins. My web hosting server uses Cache, No community is still presenting a 2G network for browsing, AMP is to be had for cellular speed. What is the paintings of cache again?

Cache plugin moves down synch…code to the bottom of your site thereby war with other plugin and reduce their features and generate errors.

Before adding extra plugins to your website, have this notion on your mind. If you lease a room for your office paintingsthen you add Chairs, Table, Fan, AC, Cupboard, Photocopying Machine, Laptop, Bookshelf, Freezer, Wastebasket, Scanner, Out-box, In-box, Fax Machine, Wine bar, Water filter.


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