Judas In The Church!

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That same evening sister Gift had dished the correct chicken stew and rice that she had prepared and she had taken it to brother Chuks. As they sat and ate together they chatted. Sister Gift was really excited.

Gift: MD, do you know am the luckiest girl in the world?

Chuks: why do you say that?

Gift: of all the girls in the church. Pretty girls at that. You chose me. Ain't I lucky?

They both laughed for a while and then she continued.

Gift: I cant wait for the whole church to know that I am the new Mrs Chuks.....

Chuks quickly stopped her, ''no no no, dont o, you want to go out there and start announcing it? You can't do that o please. I want to take it slow okay?, do you know how many desperate girls are in the church that want me to themselves? I want to take it slow and before another ear will hear of what is happening they will see our wedding card''.

At the sound of wedding card, Gift melted in his arms, she was so excited she didnt realize when she blew him a kiss. When she realized what she did she quickly became sober and apologised. ''Am sorry, I am so sorry, I didnt mean to do that''.

Brother Chuks smiled before talking. ''It's okay my dear, its okay. Can I ask you a question? '' he asked, ''anything '' replied Gift. '' di not feel awkward about this okay? I'm just asking okay? Are you a virgin?'' Gift became sad and quiet and Chuks immediately understood the meaning of that.  ''Nah, nah dont do that. I told you not to feel somehow am just asking okay?'' He said trying to lift her chin to make her smile.

''I am so sorry about that'' Gift said trying to explain. But he shut her up with his hands. ''I said its okay'' I was only asking. And if you must know I am a virgin, I've never been with any woman before, so you have a lot to teach me , I hope you dont mind''? Gift's face lighten up as she smiled. ''I'd do my best'' she said.

They continued chatting until it was dark. And Gift stood up to leave, but Chuks held her and wouldn't let her go.

Chuks: oh I wish you can stay, I'd be so lonely without you, you've lighten up my day and am beginning to feel things I've never felt before.

Gift: (excited) I could stay if you want me to.

Chuks: really? You would stay with me?

Gift: yes na if you dont mind.

''Of course I dont mind, please stay with me please.'' He begged.

Gift: MD you dont have to beg me to stay because I will stay.

Chuks was happy, ''oh am happy now, I won't be lonely tonight, if only you know how lonely it gets at night. Am glad I have you with me and for me'' he tickled her by the side and she laughed. And then he quickly added. '' And you can start teaching me some of those things tonight'''

Gift: MD.......

Chuks: hey babe, stop that, stop calling me MD, call me by my names if you dont have any sweet name for me, I am your husband to be remember?

Gift: alright I will call you........MD, only this time it means My Darling. And its still coded, no one will suspect.

Chuks: that's smart of you babe. I like it. Come here ''he said''

She went before him and started kissing him and of course they ended in the bed.

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