Food for taught 

Whatsoever contents you weblog into, all of us have the same aim: earn money and put food on our table.

Meet your fellow bloggers online, and you'll get help, is this relevant in Nigeria blogosphere? When a person asks for help, you see “inbox me, not for free”, inside the subsequent minute, the same set of bloggers will flood your inbox and asking for top class plugins and themes... Nothing is unfastened even in Freetown. If you spend money to research it, do you observed he picked the top rate items from the developer’s drive? This Naija bloggers self.

In Nigeria’s blogosphere, you may see a ‘killer content writer, search engine marketing guru, webmaster, and app developer fighting every other, why! When you ask, why now not come collectively and build a sturdy empire? None of them will agree to cooperate due to worry of betrayal, this Naija Bloggers self.

In the western blogger's forum, they help every other with out fear of any attack; a number of them percentage their contents on the organization and visit person blogs, like every-others social pages, comments and raise their traffic. Can such happen in Nigeria blogosphere without terrible results?

In Nigeria's blogosphere, one hides his/her domain call for fear of attack. You attempt to get AdSense, battle for traffics and work hard attempting to protect your AdSense from bomb click. What a lifestyles for Nigeria bloggers.

They will copy your contents with out crediting the source.

Following one's footsteps and hoping to overhaul the initiator with out addition or improvements.

Idiotic spamming or spamming on a set of bloggers, where almost each person has a blog and hoping to get thousands of visitors.

They are spending maximum in their time searching out someone’s blog to analyze (their so-called competition), to know if you are going up or down. Chooi, this Naija bloggers self.

The technology of ONE-MAN-Show in blogging has gone. If you genuinely mean business, you need to shape allies and build a sturdy crew comprising of different fields in the blogging world. Would this be feasible in Nigeria's blogosphere? Where all people is a boss, Scamming his/her fellow bloggers is a tip of the day or where stealing someone’s concept is the game of the day? This Naija bloggers self.

turned into discussing some optimization issue with my Boss Degreat DêGreat Collins Nzegwu yesterday. After he gave me some clarifications on the ones issues, I then used Google to checked what my competitors are doing on difficulty we discussed.

I will like the house to also provide an opinion approximately my findings.

discovered that a giant player in my niche (a million month-to-month users) nofollow all internal and outside links.

idea humans say in case you nofollow all internal links, it will harm ones SEO. But why do google still love the blog I am speaking approximately despite closing all doorways to all links.

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