Winter jokes to crack your ribs 

Welcome to this episode of crack your ribs, we hold on paper magnificent amazing filling that will concoct you not remember your sorrows .

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1. My sister drag your ears exact form Don't be fooled by these guys,.. Not the complete men in a be fitting are amusing ....

Some are Choir masters......


2. as You wish for to indictment your telephone In a Football Viewing centre and You Mistakenly Off The DSTV during penalty film out..

shey you retain information once your mum each time let know you that your ring will murder you one day ?.. The jiffy has as a final point come.. clearly pick up arranged to die


3.One self I can't stand most

in this living is that MTN

girl dat at all times speak " one

minute left over " I

hate dat girl


4.You are belief sad, and u tagged me ,am I with ur happiness? If u hanker after to be gloomy pls be depressing alone


5.After dating you for 5 days and gifted you marriage, he at present insolvent up with you

Wipe your tears my darling, I be familiar with a native medical doctor in ijebu.


6 .Just heard my fellow citizen singing,

Am on foot in power

Am on foot in Oracle

I bequeath my rice for favour

Cos I be familiar with umuahia.

Pls I beg your pardon? be supposed to I know her?


7.Have you noticed that Girls enjoy “Three Voices”:


ONE , Is old at what time answering calls .

TWO , The other one at domestic when

she is chatting to her siblings (Her imaginative Voice) ®

THREE , Is old once she’s chatting to her “Bae”


8.Pls compassionately pay no heed to any news or report of me sav introduction out for

PRESIDENTIAL vote in 202