In our reparation prayer with mass, I saw in a vision the  great torture of our lord. They tied him to a pillar and brought out a layman to beat him. After beating him they later him out to where they mocked him,and made a crown of Thorns for him to wear as a king.Our lord wore a red mantle and they made him sit on a chair and gave him an iron rod in his right hand. They were all mocking him and laughing at him. They beat him and said: “Hail the king of the Jews!”

I saw again the vision of his sorrow in Gethesemane. He knelt down in prayer, with sweat of blood bathing him form head to toe. As I looked a great cloud covered the whole place , I saw the Holy face of jesus, with the crown of thorns on his Head.Our lord said:

My loving children peace be with you, offer all your sacrifices to me with love. Make all your sacrifices with happiness. Love the suffering you are passing through. Rejoice in the labour am given you
Make all your hours the hour of prayer now that there is time
I say to you again a time is coming soon when the divine ear will be com deaf to hear his people. People will shout with there highest voice to me and get no answer.

How ready are you 
Pray always my loving children let all of you be awake.Take your rosary your psalms you devotional prayers and your holy mass as your daily bread .
Learn to  praise God and praise your adoration always all the days of your life consecrate yourself to my most precious blood and make daily reparations.
My children, the time is very short for the releasing to send you out,and set you free foe the spreading of this devotion.

Listen,listen, my loving children “the hour is very short ,many nation will suffer the coming tribulation curely because the did not get the remedy.
Prepare you self am coming soon to set you free for evangelization.
Spreading of this devotion how ready are you? What have you learn from my ? What preparations have you make for the evegerliAtion of the word answer me? My loving children! I am preparing to send you out and set you free for the spreading of this devotion.

Listen,listen,my loving children; the hour is very short. Many nation will suffer the coming tribulation currely because they do not get the remedy.
Prepare your self I am coming soon to get ready for the evangelization
Spiritual poison of the evil spirit
My children the wicked man is not happy with you,the evil forces are planning to destroy you,they pour spiritual poison on you.this makes you not to pray well constant sleeping sickness sickness laziness and weakness,hatred,had hearted love neglect without known reason,exceeding excessive. Talking a great  faithfulness .my children listen again I am happy in all effort towards the goal of salvation of mankind. A great reward is awaiting for you in heaven .