Facebook has been the major source of traffic to many site and blog owners out there and that has been the amazing aspect of it.

 Unlike SEO getting tons of traffic to your site is supper easy you don’t need to own a great group or page all you have to do is to get a group that suits your niche and share your link then site back to watch the amazing turnout.

 Social media has been the major or life saving choice of so many users because it gets you your clients at ease, and that why it has been the best option for small and large advertisers.

There are a lot of social medias out there but the usefulness of facebook cannot be over overlooked.

How does a publisher or advertiser feel if his/or her site URL is been blocked by facebook, hmm it a little bit disheartening for users who are deeply rooted in SEO, that’s their main source of traffic comes from google. But for users who rely on facebook for traffic this will be the worst nightmare for them, most times they see there business crumble in a blink of an eye.


Like we always say contacting us is the best step you can you can ever take in getting your problem resolved, below are some steps to help you on your blocked url.

most times the url 0f users are not actually blocked on facebook as they claim, the problem it might just be from there browser. So in other to know if your URL was actually blocked clear your browsing cache and see if its still affected. If its still affected then you have to make use of facebook debugger tool.

 this tool was made for developers and site owners on facebook, it tells you what to fix on any url you check for blocked URL imput your website link and and click on check, you will see a response saying this link does not meet our community standards, scroll below and click on let us know.

2. SUBMITTING OF APPEAL TO FACEBOOK FOR URL UNBLOCKING: most people gets it wrong with the appeal that’s why most appeals takes so long to get the required results and in most times the URL remains blocked. In other to submit an appropriate appeal to facebook for effective response follow this my steps.

1. Recommend them for their effort in keeping facebook community safe from spam and other things. 2. Go straight in telling them your site was blocked for policy violations which are not true, before writing this make sure your site really does not violate any community standards. 3. Tell them you are looking forward to hear from them soon and submit.

3. GO TO FACEBOOK AND REQUEST REVIEW: login your facebook profile and try to post you URL on your timeline, on attempting this act  you will see a notification saying your post goes against our standards if you think it was a mistake let us know. Click on it was a mistake and facebook team would review your site.


This method listed above has been the old method of unblocking URL which most times does not longer work.

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