How to run an effective Ad

 Running an ad for your business is never the problem everyone can just create a post on his blog/site, share it on his page and promote it via ads, but only few get the desired result they expected, and some of them can't even get half of the money they spent on advertising.

 They begin to alter words like, running ads is a scam, my ads are not producing the required result, I won't run ads again.

 But Ask yourself this, if running ads for ones business is really a scam why then will top business owners engage in running ads on various social network.

 Running an effective ads depends on your ability to understand your customers and where they can be found so as to locate them at the right time.

 But most people don't understand this they just set up an ad, make payment and enable it and when they discover that their ads are not really turning they begin to panic and finally lose interest in advertising.
 Little do they know that running ads is the simplest and basic way to get tons of users on your blog.

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